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Tarot, as we know it now, was invented sometime in the middle 15th century in Italy. It closely mirrored the playing cards of the day. Some believe that people had started using playing cards for divination purposes and the tarot were just a refined version of these cards. These basics playing cards had four suits of ten cards each. These cards were brought to Europe from the Islamic world. It is thought that tarot originated when gypsies and astrologers started using ordinary playing cards to tell fortunes.

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Most people only know about astrology from the horoscope columns they read in newspapers and magazines. But, those forecasts are for entertainment purposes only and should never be taken seriously. If they seem even remotely accurate, rest assured it is only by coincidence, because those columns have almost no bearing on the legitimate practice of astrology. Here are a few other myths about astrology that should also be dispelled:

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This is a free bonus version of 101 Romantic Ideas. Feel free to forward to or make copies for your friends.

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Daniel and Allison have been making love on a rainy Sunday morning, and they are both totally turned on. It started in the shower with a slow massage and moved to the bedroom, where they have been having intercourse for the past ten minutes. Daniel knows that Allison needs at least another five minutes of intercourse before she can climax. Here's the problem: Daniel doesn't think he has five minutes left in him.

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504 Relaxing Bath and Beauty Recipes

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Dedicated to my wife and our two children. My dear wife’s support made it possible for me to devote the time necessary to develop my web site and write this guide. To all the new and experienced swing traders that read this book ... May the swing be with you.

Larry Swing

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